OVER the summer, we have welcomed several students to JMPUK for work experience placements. The latest was 17-year-old Jake Clements, who is studying History, Sports Studies and Media Studies at Churchill Academy in North Somerset. Here is his account of spending a week at our office in Bristol.

I APPLIED for work experience at JMPUK after getting their contact details from my careers advisor at my Sixth Form. After getting a swift reply from Joe Meredith, the week was set up.

And what a week it was; one of my best weeks in recent memory and I have learnt so much that will help me in the future with my podcast-making and blog-writing. 

Everyone was extremely welcoming and involved me in a variety or different tasks, which will help me in the long run. I came into the week unsure of what I wanted to get out of the week: maybe gain some new tips on how to edit more efficiently and become a better all-round editor to make my podcasts look cleaner. Or to have some help on how to write more concisely and how to construct research into an article I want to speak about. 

I walked out of JMPUK with both of my hopes – and more – fulfilled by an amazing group of people who are eager to help me in any way possible to improve my podcasts and get noticed in the media scene. I mainly just wanted to get some experience of how it is to work in the business and see if it is an area in which I would really like to pursue a career. The answer is definitely yes. 

The experience was second to none. It blew away the expectations I had coming into the week and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and wish I could stay on for another week or 12. 

Ben Reynolds, Rob Latham and Kyle Griffiths were all amazing during the week. They made me feel welcome the second I came in through the door and taught me loads when I was attempting to edit a video I had shot using GoPros at the start of the week. I started editing the video and Kyle and Rob were giving me tips on how to make it smoother and more exciting for the audience to watch. I also was able to identify the issue with the song choice as it didn’t quite match up to the style of video I was producing. With some help from Kyle and Rob, I also began to use the speed-up function that I previously didn’t know how to use, while also attempting to use the zoom to focus on specific parts of the video that I deemed important.

Ben was brilliant during the week. He helped me out a bunch. He helped me create a social media account for my podcasts and blog, which will allow me to spread my podcasts across other forms of media to reach as many people as possible. This will allow me to get my name out in the media world, giving me the best chance to grow online and gain a substantial following (I hope so, anyway). We also created a logo for my podcasts, which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages but didn’t have the software to do so. Ben was a massive help, putting time aside from his tasks to specifically help me, as well as being extremely friendly. 

I also enjoyed working with Steve Cotton, who set me journalistic tasks which were very useful and will help me in the long run. They have allowed me to gain confidence in the way I write about topics and how I phrase certain articles and opinions. I now have the confidence moving forward that what I am writing is at an acceptable standard. This will give me the confidence to post more online and on Facebook to widen my audiences.

It’s always good when you can wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work – and that is how I felt at JMP. The general feel inside JMPUK is upbeat and happy, and after a phenomenal week, I wished it didn’t have to end but sadly it did. Even though it was only one week, I learned so much and miss all the people.

Visit Jake’s blog here.