JMPUK would like to officially welcome videographers Patrick Bethell, Kyle Griffiths and Conner Foley to the company.

The trio have joined JMP as senior camera operator, camera operator and video editor, respectively, although all three are talented all-rounders who can work across all aspects of our video production.

After a lengthy recruitment process – which saw JMP receive more than 150 applications – Patrick, Kyle and Conner joined the ranks and have been settling in well over the past few months, impressing their colleagues and JMP’s clients alike.

JMP’s three new videographers have been racking up the shoots, edits and motorway miles over the past couple of months, and are building a strong relationship and rapport with each other and the rest of the JMP team.

JMP managing director Joe Meredith said: “Our increasing workload meant we had to recruit some new videographers – and the pleasing thing was not only how many people applied for the positions but the quality of the candidates. We initially advertised for two roles but we were so impressed with the candidates we ended up making three appointments – and it has undoubtedly put us in a really strong position.

“Where Patrick is concerned, we wanted someone with experience of working in the industry for at least five years – someone who was ready to go to work in a fast-paced production environment – and who could challenge us and take us to another level. Patrick ticks an awful lot of boxes, and has impressed everyone, not only with his technical skill and personality but also the level of organisation he has brought to our video operation.

“Kyle came to us fresh out of university and came on a couple of shoots almost as a trial – quickly showing his worth. His work ethic is outstanding, he fits into our team really well, and now he’s settled in, it’s really reflecting in his work – whether that’s shooting or editing.

“Conner has also brought a completely new dimension to our videography services. A lot more of our work these days has a requirement for motion graphics, so we specifically wanted an editor with a strong motion graphics skillset – and that is an area where Conner has helped take us to another level. Not only has he fitted in straightaway to our team, our clients are consistently really happy with his work.

“As well as fitting into our team overall, our three new videographers have built a tight dynamic, bouncing ideas off each other to make every video we produce stronger.”

Patrick said: “I’ve always been a passionate film-maker and JMP has inspired me to help create bigger, better and more ambitious projects with the team. I’m surrounded by talented, creative and above all else passionate colleagues that want to raise JMP to new heights.”

Kyle said: “Film-making has always been my passion, and upon leaving university I was hoping to get a job in the industry. When that didn’t happen immediately, I went to work in a pawn shop but always remained focused on my goal of breaking into the industry, so when the opportunity at JMP came up, I was determined to grasp it with both hands. Through shooting and editing every day, and working with the people I’m working with here, I feel as if I’ve learned so much in a short space of time.”

Conner said: “I’m really enjoying working at JMP – it stretches me creatively and is an outlet to produce high-quality content. We work in a fast-paced environment – there’s always a shoot or an edit on the go – but I don’t think any of us would want anything different.”