It was an occasion that fixated the eyes of the sporting world – and while photographers at last week’s Champions League quarter-final first leg between Liverpool and Manchester City worked to the pressure of a live feed, while also chasing the money shot, Bristol-based digital media agency, JMP UK took a slightly different approach.

“With the Champions League being such a high-profile competition, there are hundreds of photographers chasing the same picture – and the large numbers, therefore, limits where we can sit and how we can work,” said JMP UK’s north-west correspondent, Matt McNulty.

“So, we decided to take a different approach and rather than hunting the back-page or double-page spread images, we set out to capture a set of images we could be proud of – something we’d want to hang on our bedroom wall.

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“The limitations caused by the scramble for the same image and positioning at stadiums is obviously frustrating, but Joe (Meredith, managing director) gives us the freedom to be creative.

“If the images captured make the back pages, that’s fantastic – but if they don’t, we’re left with a memorable set of images from a memorable European occasion at one of football’s most iconic stadiums.

“It’s amazing to be given such artistic license and it makes working such high-profile events even more enjoyable than they already are.”

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