While the outbreak of coronavirus has forced us all into our houses, the internet has become a door out for many. With pubs, cinemas and non-essential shops closing, we have had to quickly adapt from a life of free exploration and busy routines to one that consists of us having to stay put inside our homes, isolated from the world.

What was once small privileges – like going to the pub for a pint or joining in your local pub quiz on a Thursday – have now been stripped away – but all for the greater good, of course. As a result, businesses, teams, individuals, and families from all over the globe are having to rethink ways in which they can stay connected. A huge facilitator in this is video chat – with many platforms such as Zoom, Houseparty, and Google Meets becoming hubs for friends to stay in touch, family members to check in on one another, and for businesses to interact with customers. 

While many “brick-and-mortar” businesses already have online communication and sales with their customers set up, many other companies have had to quickly adapt to these changing times; including pubs, restaurants, and gyms. These establishments have been busy thinking of creative new ways in which to stay active and engaged with their customers. And so, as it seems the walls of the world have begun to close in, new corners of the internet are being discovered by many, and businesses from all industries are embarking on a digital transformation journey. Let’s take a dive into a few examples.

PUBS: A different kind of lock-in

Unfortunately, a pub lock-in and a home lock-in are two entirely different meanings. Many traditional pubs are having to think of innovative new ways in which to stay connected with isolating punters. We’ve seen the rise of these establishments hosting online quizzes –  a great way to help keep the industry intact and give friends a fun way to keep in contact with one another. A company which has really embraced the change is multinational brewery and pub chain, Brewdog. With virtual quizzes, live beer tasting, and live music events all lined-up, the company is really getting a grasp on thinking outside the box and keeping the pub community alive. They even have a click and collect drive-through system up and running with beer, cider, spirits and food available for people to order via an app.

GYMS: Fitness goes digital

In an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19, gyms and sports facilities close throughout the world have been shut for the foreseeable, meaning many people can no longer follow their usual exercise routines. Despite this, gyms everywhere are truly embracing the change, coming up with initiatives to ensure we can all keep fit from the comfort of our own homes. Global fitness chain, F45, are key players in this, with a range of online classes being presented to its members, keeping workouts fun and interactive. 

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Great news! This week we will be hosting two live workouts every day with some of your favourite F45 coaches 🙌 ⁣ ⁣ These workouts will follow our normal F45 programming, alternating between cardio days and resistance days, with some modifications to allow for space & equipment 💪 ⁣ ⁣ This week’s schedule is as follows:⁣ Mon: Foxtrot – 7:45am & 5:30pm ⁣ Tues: Red Diamond – 7:45am & 5:30pm ⁣ Wed: Bears – 7:45am & 5:30pm ⁣ Thurs: Liberty – 7:45am & 5:30pm⁣ Fri: Triple Double – 7:45am & 5:30pm⁣ Sat: Hollywood – 10am ⁣ Sun: GOAT 🐐- 10am ⁣ If you can't make those workouts, don't worry, you will still have access to daily Gravity style classes via your Challenge app 😍 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Classes will be held via Zoom – check your email for details on how to join. Not a member yet? Drop us an email or DM to get involved👌 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #f45 #f45training #wholebodyworkout #f45benefits #workout #lifestyle #f45brizzle #f45bristolcentral #fitfam #bristolgym #hiitworkout #hiittraining #instafit #gym #bristol #bristolfitness #hiit #functionaltraining #athomeworkout #bristol247

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RESTAURANTS: Your favourite food delivered to your door

Food is a big deal! When treating ourselves to a meal out with friends and family, or even on our own with a good book, we have always been able to find a sanctuary to feast. This is no longer a possibility with restaurants forced to shut their doors. Following this, there has been a wave of adaptation, where companies like Deliveroo have played a huge factor. Many restaurants- both global chains and independents – have become simply kitchens, meaning we are still able to order from these places to our own homes. With minimal contact, we are still able to enjoy the food we crave while staying safe.

TEAMS: Video calls plays a key role in communication

Companies have had to adapt inhouse too, with many employees having to work from home. While remote working has become a growing trend in recent years with many companies already facilitating this way of working, for some businesses this is all brand new. Fortunately, the availability of video call software is facilitating teams in communicating with each other. 

Team meeting via video conference

Due to remote working now becoming the norm, the global video conferencing marketing is growing at a substantial rate. Video conferencing company, Zoom, has added a whopping 2.22 million monthly active users till late February 2020.   Moreover, as per research analyst from Report Ocean, the video conferencing market witnessed a spike in the month March of this year by recording 62 million downloads of video conferencing applications on the smart devices globally.

Siobhan Myles, a Chief Product Officer at Esoterix Systems, has said this way of communicating is “massively different” compared to her normal routine in a  big open-plan office where she is able to talk to her team “on and off all day”. Esoterix Systems is a research-and-development-heavy company, involving lots of innovation and quick prototyping. With Siobhan’s job being partially about “bringing the energy and fighting fires as they happen”, it’s hard to do that when she’s not with her team.

NHS: Caring for others virtually

The NHS is also having to rapidly adapt. Laura is a community midwife working for the NHS alongside her own postnatal business, PostnatalcareLtd. Within her role as a Community Midwife, she is required to visit women in their homes to perform basic health checks on mothers and babies. While every precaution is being taken to protect families from Covid-19, some mothers are anxious about letting a midwife into their homes. And so, FaceTime and video calls has become a lifeline for many women.

Laura is able to conduct video consolations which allow her to check in on mother and baby while still being able to provide visual support and help make the mothers feel safe. Thanks to video technology, Laura and other midwives are able to help prevent women from isolating themselves from healthcare professionals and still access the all-important healthcare benefits. This is especially important at the moment with the expected global increase in anxiety during the Covid-19 period.

These are just a few of the inspiring ways companies are staying connected. Just like us here at JMPUK, the show must go on, and we feel that individuals and businesses everywhere are doing a brilliant job.