The Brief

In another collaboration with Sky Bet, JMP UK created a series of 90-second videos during the EFL play-off finals at Wembley Stadium, centred around the emotional rush of the beautiful game.


With heart rate monitors fitted to key personnel during the high-pressure encounters, the videos displayed physical and emotional reactions during key moments of the games – including the Sky Bet Championship play-off final between Reading and Huddersfield, during which supporters from both sides were featured.

Despite TV broadcasting rights prohibiting match footage from being used, JMP UK created engaging and exciting content by focusing on fan reactions to key moments.

"From a Sky Bet perspective working with the JMP team is inspiring as it combines the stability of an established business with the youthful enthusiasm of a start up. The future working with JMPUK is extremely exciting! Watch this space.... "
Alexander Di Michele
Sky Bet Head of PR