JMPUK have helped Bristol City successfully launch their new club crest – by providing a stunning set of images from the launch event.

City – a long-standing client of JMP’s – have redesigned their club crest to focus once again on the robin.

Many City supporters had clamoured for the return of the robin to the club crest – and City this week launched a contemporary new design with the robin at its heart.

JMP director of photography Rogan Thomson delivered a dynamic, modern shoot to launch the new crest, and said the style of the imagery was in keeping with the lifestyle photography being favoured by so many of sport’s biggest clubs, players and brands.

“It was completely different to anything we’ve done for the club before, because normally when you launch anything – whether it’s a kit, a sponsor or a crest – the shoot consists of photos in a studio on a background,” said Rogan.

“This time they wanted more of a lifestyle shoot; they wanted it to look gritty and real and very much ‘streets of Bristol’, which included a launch event at the Robins pub near Ashton Gate Stadium.

“If you look on any big sports brand’s social media or website now, particularly where football is concerned, it’s all lifestyle photos. It’s the same with the individual players, so that is very much the way it’s going. 

“So while it’s new to us to shoot something like this, it’s a good direction to take and I’m very happy that we did it.”

Rogan shot City players looking at and trying on the club’s new shirt in the morning, before players from City’s men’s and women’s teams walked to the nearby Robins pub “just as a fan might on a match day”. He then photographed the launch event at the pub, as well as the crest being projected onto key Bristol landmarks, and – the following day – a poster campaign around the city promoting the new crest.

“It’s great to do something different – and that’s the way football is going,” said Rogan. “The marketing of sport is becoming more about the lifestyle, rather than just what happens on the pitch, and I’m delighted we got to play such a central part in helping City launch their new crest.”  

City vice chairman Jon Lansdown said changing the club’s crest was “a big decision” but underlined the part supporter feedback had played in the rebranding. 

“We are the Robins, that is part of our key identity, and I hope a number of the supporters who have wanted to bring back the robin are really pleased with that and they are pleased with the updated, clean, progressive version we’ve got going forward,” he said.

“We sent out a survey to fans and we wanted to be really clear and up front about what that was about, to get the quality and the quantity of feedback. We had well over 3,000 responses and the passion that came with that, because people knew what it was for and that really did help shape the design process and the thought process.”

JMP managing director Joe Meredith said: “Rogan has developed a relationship with Bristol Sport and its teams over the years that means that we can be tasked with pretty much any job they commission us for. 

“The due diligence Rogan puts into each of these shoots means that nothing is left to chance. A combination of preparation, hard work and talent means results are always going to be impeccable.”