By Steve Cotton

The JMP UK team have been busy at the familiar venue of Ashton Gate Stadium today – albeit in a different set of circumstances to the company’s usual lines of work.

JMP UK have been among the 250-plus exhibitors at the seventh Business Showcase South West – the largest business expo in South West England.

Joe Meredith, Suzanne Roper-Haigh, James Healey, Katie Dawes, Steve Cotton and Rogan Thomson have been operating the JMP UK stand and meeting all kinds of people from various businesses and backgrounds.

“It’s very much a learning curve for us, because it’s the first time we’ve done anything like this – but it’s been really interesting,” said JMP UK managing director Joe Meredith.

“We’ve met a lot of interesting people – some who offer us services, and others we hopefully can offer our services to.

“But the most important thing is getting out and engaging with people about what JMP UK is about as an agency. It’s not about a hard sell of our services, but letting people know what we do and hopefully building some partnerships for the future.

“It’s also useful in terms of giving our newer team members, such as Katie and Steve, a much more detailed idea of what we do.”

For JMP UK’s business development director Suzanne Roper-Haigh, today’s expo has been an excellent opportunity to meet businesses that may not normally come onto the company’s radar.

“It’s been a really interesting day and we’ve met some nice people from good companies – people who have been very receptive to what JMP UK do,” she said.

“There have been some positive conversations and some interesting opportunities, which we will be following up very shortly.

“Events such as Business Showcase South West are excellent, whether you’re a large corporation or a one-man band, because it gives everybody the opportunity to get in front of an audience they might not necessarily get to speak to every day.

“Sometimes it can be easier when you’re face to face with someone, rather than picking up the phone, going in cold and trying to explain what you offer as a company.”

Today’s event was the seventh edition of Business Showcase South West – and managing director Jamie Breese was thrilled with the response from the business community in the region.

“I founded Business Showcase South West five years ago with a view to bringing likeminded people – hopefully hundreds and then thousands of them – together in a great neutral venue,” he said.

“We’ve grown to over 250 exhibitors, and because of that, Ashton Gate Stadium works for us as a venue. They’ve been very supportive, and the resources here are fantastic for an event this size.”