If you haven’t heard of TikTok by now, it’s time to put it firmly on your radar. With more than 500 million global monthly active users, the rising short-form video network is now being included in conversations alongside more established platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

“But what is it?”, you may ask. The app, simply put, is a lip-syncing, video-sharing platform where users can create a short-form video up to 15 seconds in length. They can choose from a variety of sound bites, songs and effects from the app or upload their own sounds.  And GenZ-ers love it. The app is truly sparking a new generation of influencers and viral content.

With this rising success, businesses are beginning to take notice of TikTok’s potential as a marketing channel, offering them a new means to reach and engage a distinct audience and demographics.

Here are four examples of brands using TikTok as a marketing channel.


With over 67,000 followers, global fashion retailer, ASOS, has truly embraced the weird and wonderful social space that is TikTok. They certainly aren’t new to the social video space. The brand has long incorporated video in its marketing strategy, leaning heavily on the content across social platforms.

But how are they engaging the younger audience? From fashion hacks like “how to roll your jeans”, behind-the-scenes photoshoot dance routines, sneak previews of new collections, influencer style take-overs and more. It’s truly a mixture of content.


This UK-based clothing company founded in 2012 first came alive in the age of mobile social media. The brand is domineering the influencer marketing space, utilising users with high-followings to model its products and reach customers. As a result, Gymshark has become a global clothing competitor, reaching 52.8 million in sales during the summer of 2018., and accruing an impressive 3.5 million followers on its Instagram account.

Given the social success of the fitness clothing brand, it should come to no surprise that Gymshark has applied this influencer marketing expertise over to TikTok. Partnering with lifestyle and fitness influencers on the platform, the brand has managed to reach a younger, further-reaching audience.

For example, in January this year, the company announced their “66 Days | Change Your Life” challenge. using six influencers with fans in the millions. Here fans were invited to choose a personal goal and upload an initial photo. Sixty-six days after this, these same users were invited to upload the same initial image alongside an uploaded photo for a chance to win a year’s supply of Gymshark products.


The biggest brand in the sporting industry – and perhaps the world – is Nike.  This incredibly successful brand is always looking for new ways to grow as a company and to help guide the industry into the future.

With TikTok thriving, the sports brand have noticed an opportunity which would be foolish to ignore. Even though the platform is still in its early days, Nike has recently become one of the first brands to invest in a sponsored advertisement, which is showcased to many users when opening up the app. With trends being a huge part of content creation, the brand has jumped on the idea of starting their own challenge. This includes a campaign encouraging TikTok users to showcase the different Nike products they own in short clip video with the hashtag #nikechallenge. A simple yet powerful way to saturate TikTok users feeds with their branded content. 


The NBA’s TikTok audience currently sits at an impressive 5.5 million followers. The sports league are using the platform to reach out to their younger audience by creating content such as throwback videos of players in the league as children; short videos of players behind-the-scenes or during a build-up to a game; throwback videos of old famous player like magic Johnson and clips of players in gym training ahead of fixtures. They are also focusing a lot of content on game highlights which allows them to get good interaction as the footage is current.