We are a creative content and communications agency with video production, photography and editorial services, based in the wonderful city of Bristol and working across the UK and Europe.

We produce authentic, creative and considered content, through photography, video production, animation and time-lapse. Our goal is to produce memorable content that drives an engaging, emotional connection.

From concept to delivery, we take a methodical approach, ensuring, while all content is compelling, there is a studied strategy behind each tailored campaign.

By designing a content strategy, we can construct a plan to engage your audience with targeted video distribution across digital channels and social media platforms. The service is cost effective, and our planning strategy allows you to maximise the impact of each campaign.

Captured assets can be utilised as teasers, previews, live feeds, 360 videos, behind the scenes promotions, explainer, photos and advertising campaigns.

JMP hosts a highly passionate, dynamic, talented and experienced in-house team, working across a collection of skill sets.

With a vast and varied library of sports images, we cover on average 120 live sporting events every month. Alongside our live sports coverage, we have a strong commercial and editorial photo capacity, working on commercial and marketing campaigns, editorial portraits, PR and corporate events across Europe.

We also offer a comprehensive package in video production, covering each and every step – from concept to delivery. From in-depth interviews to dynamic and engaging features, JMP caters for a range of platforms and audiences.

With fully licensed and insured drone operators, we have the ability to take video content to new heights, showcasing beautiful landscapes and settings.

As well as video production, we also generate motion through the dynamic medium of animation – breathing new and fascinating life into our content.

And whether it’s the pace and pattern of everyday life or showcasing the journey of a building as it is erected, our time-lapse content tells mesmerising stories in an array of settings.